Victoria Beckham Haircuts and Hair style - How to Analyze Your Change Look

Published: 04th April 2011
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Do not know what was right hairstyle for this year? Do not know if you decide on a bun with a volume or long hair, unadorned? The famous can serve as inspiration for time to fix your hair for events- Aware!

Choose the style to wear to an event or party is always difficult. On one side are afraid to go too neat and the other look like a crazy woman who has not been combed in a week and does not know what a hairbrush.

It is usually best done in a bun that is somewhere in the middle: not too settled and it appears that you've done with a pencil to find out there. What about that but have short hair? Must be something in your head?

This and other questions we answer in the next part, where you can see how the famous comb to attend their own events and celebrations

Those haircuts trendsetters Victoria Beckham. We analyze your changes look.

The 'Posh' change of hair and shoes. One day becomes longer with expensive hair extensions and weekly cuts off the pixie haircut. That if a month now brown and platinum blonde.

What should both change of image? Will is doing a casting hair stylist? Is it not just finding your style? Or just loves to set a trend? Whatever the reason, what is clear is that every haircut Victoria Beckham becomes a new trend.

Then, from us, we review all haircuts. Its beginnings have no waste.

The Court also bob long can collect. Touched, crepes and toupee. Of course, the Beckham looks like a big woman of 50 years. The haircut is a classic that revolutionized the last season, the world of hair. Victoria Beckham hair cut imposed. She has excelled in various colors.

Victoria Beckham gave a fit and decided to cut his hair at sabotage. And say that once you start to cut creates addiction. On that occasion, opted for a pixie style.

Again, the dark tone and a more daring cut. With a base bob, the ends become more rebellious. It is a very chameleon look, because when looking for distinction, Victoria decides combed back completely.

Is another variation of the bob cut but masculine. Very short back and framing the face. Again, platinum blonde.

More brown tone and long mane The Beckham had a time insisted on going for elegant matron with gathered that they are a while but you put more years on top.

Victoria Beckham took the time extensions. I wanted to wear a long hair at all costs until he decided to cut to the chase.

Victoria had a past heavy metal. Extensions bicolor, scarves ... What to look.

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